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Court Agents in Alberta, CA

We are qualified to represent people in Court and authorized to act on behalf of another person (called the principal) to create legal relations with a third party.

That means our agents can appear on behalf of our clients in some Criminal, Civil and Traffic Matters.

  • Criminal Court Agent:

The right  to appear as an in-court agent does not confer upon the agent the authority to go further and engage in the practice of law. See the case Pacer Enterprises Ltd. v Cummings 2004. According some regulations and cases we can appear as non-lawyers legal agent on behave of a client who has been charged for summary conviction and multiple summary convictions.

  • Small Claims Court Agent:

By virtue of section 62 (1) (b) of the Provincial Court Act, paralegals  or legal assistants are able to "represent" as agent those who have claims  that fall under part 4 - Civil Claims. In other words for claims up to $50,000.00, our agents can represent a client and appear as agent in trial for them.

  • Traffic Court Agent:

If you got a ticket and want to fight it, we can represent you as your court agent to help you.

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